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HR Policies

At Sonoco, we firmly believe that our success depends on our exceptional people. Our human resources policy reflects our commitment to our employees, our company and our community. We pride ourselves on creating a work environment where everyone can flourish, contribute to our growth and share our passion for excellence. Here are the fundamental principles of our HR policy:

We respect each individual, value diversity and foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted and respected, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, disability or any other personal characteristic. We believe that diversity enriches our corporate culture and strengthens our ability to innovate.

We encourage our employees' professional growth by offering training, development and mentoring opportunities. We believe that continuous learning is essential to maintaining our market leadership and helping our employees reach their full potential.

The safety of our employees is our top priority. We are committed to providing a safe working environment and promoting strict safety practices. All our employees are responsible for their own safety and that of their colleagues.

We recognize the importance of work-life balance. We encourage flexible working hours where possible, and support our employees to succeed both professionally and personally.

We are committed to being a responsible member of the community and making a positive contribution to society. We encourage our employees to get involved in charitable initiatives and support causes close to their hearts.

We believe in open and transparent communication at all levels of the company. We encourage our employees to express their ideas, concerns and suggestions, because we believe that it is through collaboration that we can innovate and constantly improve.