SONOCO WAQf is the foundation of the SONOCO Group, embodying the commitment of its founder and the Group's social responsibility. SONOCO WAQf strives to transform industrial and commercial performance into opportunities for social development, and is committed to making a positive difference, in particular through the development and implementation of high-impact community projects and programs.

Waqf (or awqaf in the plural) is an Arabic word that designates property made available by its owner for use in causes of social interest. Waqf is an Islamic law concept similar to that of the trust, better known in the West. Over the years, waqf has become a major economic sector dedicated to improving the socio-economic conditions of populations, particularly in view of the significant volumes of investment recorded.

Management team

Mamadou-Bombi BALDE

General Manager


  • Helping marginalized people and those in need to make equal opportunities a reality.
  • Revitalize the awqaf concept in Guinea and abroad.
  • Support high-impact community social protection initiatives, particularly in the fields of education and healthcare.
  • Provide support for socio-economic development projects in partnership with the State, local authorities, development partners or communities with a view to achieving the SDGs.

Operating modes